Tuesday, May 22, 2007

He's Here!

Welcome little squishy face boy! Just an hour or so old in this pic.

Three days ago we welcomed into the world our new little fella. R weighed in at 8lb13oz...which was such a big shock as he's so little!! We have no clothes or diapers in that size range. What happened to our 12lb baby? The nurses in recovery laughed at my response to his weight..."My baby?! He's so little!"

He's lovely. Just so sweet. So cuddly. And we can't get enough of him.

W even likes him! "Bup" (which means Baby in W's lingo). W waves to him, lays his cheek on his head while R is nursing, touches his nose & eyes, & has offered to brush his teeth. So far so good! We have found that letting W know what we're doing next with R diminishes whining and the urge to strike out at Bup.

We are so glad that the decision was made to have a cesarean. What a different experience! The staff at the Rockyview were phenomenal. The surgery, albeit frightening at the time, went so quickly. R was born at 1610 and I was in recovery at 1624. Amazing. We even lucked out and were given a private room! There is something to be said for privacy. This made such a positive impact on our stay.

...and of a most important note...my favorite husband is amazing. There is no way I could have calmly gone through this experience without him. His attentiveness, calm demeanor, and willingness to be at my beck & call was more helpful than a few sentences can convey. Of course, there were ups & downs at the hopsital but having B through it all is what made the difference.

I am so grateful. I have three beautiful boys in my life.

Now, our MWB name is defunct. What shall it become?

W's first meeting with R.


  1. From three to four- anymore? Kidding...time to just enjoy the new little bundle! He is just perfect and we can hardly wait to meet him! Congrats my friends! M- I guess your little girl will have to have fur too!

  2. Congratulations on your new wiggle monster. I'm glad things went better than last time. Today I find out if I may need a c section due to position. I'm glad to hear it was better for you as I am a little scared.

    Wishing you much rest when you can get it and hoping that it will be enough until you can get more.

  3. WOW! Congratulations! HAPPY Birthday wonderful baby boy. I'm so happy for you all.

  4. So sorry I haven't been by to see your little darling! Sooooo cute!!!