Monday, May 7, 2007


Today I found this...and they're coming to see me tomorrow. Yes! There is nothing like a convenient, therapeutic in-home massage. If all goes well, I'm tempted to schedule one for every second day until this baby arrives.

Earlier this morning while W was playing with the canned goods in the pantry, as he so often does and loves to do, he became very quiet and still. Upon opening the pantry door, I heard a little boy exclaim "Oh no! Oh no!" and found that Thyme is not on my side....regardless of what the song says.

Also, day time child care has been found for those events at which it's just not appropriate (or fair to W) to take our little fella along. Relief! It's a bit of an odd feeling, but relief as well. There's a day home just down the street from us that is willing to take W on a casual basis. She is referred by a friend who's son has been there for 4 yrs. W and I met the group this morning for a play date/meeting and all seems well. He was happily playing amongst the three other children and the provider and I were able to chat. I never thought I would be putting my child in a day home at all, but knowing anyone who is interested or able to provide daytime childcare is more difficult that one might think. Hopefully this works out well. In addition I have just found a babysitting coop for our community which I'll be checking out this week. It's a great concept. The reciprocal babysitting plan is brilliant. That said, I feel I barely have the energy to properly care for W these days let alone additional children, so it'll probably be a future option once the new babe has arrived and settled in.
So, if events/news travels in threes, then I have had my three for the day. May you experience the power of three today!


  1. Well, this has been a very fruitful day for you. Except for the 'oh no'. Too funny. For the rest of us anyway!

  2. lol...yes it is funny...although in the midst of it I have to remind myself to see the humour.

  3. Oooooh! Nice! It must have been fun to bend over and scrub that up!

  4. Good work finding some daytime child care! And babysitting coops are great!