Tuesday, August 14, 2007

5 boys, a girl and cake.

Loud little boy mayhem hit the house today as there were 6 children 2yrs of age and under here for a playdate. It was superfun, despite the odd squabble over learning to share ("GIVEIT!") and the one child who tries to wrestle with his friends (we won't name names, but he just had a bday this week) and the friends do not want to wrestle. The babies were perfectly behaved and even managed to catch a nap with their brothers about.

As fun as it is to watch the boys play....ahemm, I mean referee....it was even more enjoyable to chat with & listen to the other mom's; to learn that in one way or another the three of us are living the same nutty experiences. There is strength in numbers.

The highlight of the morning was definately snack time. Cake! Let them eat cake. We dined on lovely little cupcake cones. The boys were incrediblely patient and well behaved during their morning break. All sat quietly and patiently at the table, trussed up with their "serviettes" tucked around their necks. Then happily plowing through their cones.....or just eating the frosting and then it's off to make the most of their sugar rush.
Definately a do-again!
Cupcake Cones
I used the quick method for these and they were very tasty. For the cupcakes I used a super moist milk chocolate cake mix, followed the directions on the box and cooked them in the flat bottom cones. Topping: Pudding Frosting - mix one package of vanilla instant pudding, a package of "dream whip", 1/2 tsp of vanilla and 1/3 cup of milk. Beat on high for about 5 minutes, until peaks are forming. I then transferred it to a zip lock bag, cut the corner off and used it as a pastry bag to decorate the cones. A dash of sprinkles and voila! you're done! Super easy & an absolute hit with the kids...young & old alike.

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  1. We had a great time too. LOVED the cupcake cones!

    I agree that the 'mommy time' is golden. Just sharing stories is good therapy.