Saturday, August 11, 2007

Almost 3 Months

On Thursday our littlest man had his first appointment with the Public Health Nurse. What a trooper! Those three injections are so mean and he sobbed the most painful cry yet after a minute or two of snuggles and songs (Hi-Lili Hi-Lo)he fell asleep in my arms, even before nurse Melanie had completed the paperwork. Such a good boy! His growth has slowed a little since his 6 week appointment, but he is still completely off the charts for his age. I'm very proud of R. He's done incredibly well in a short period of time.
Ht: 26.5 in
Wt: 17.5 lbs


  1. Wow! This little one sure has some of his Daddy....he is sure changing. I feel terrible that we have not been to meet little R....I keep saying that we are coming, and it never seems to work out...I promise we will meet beofore he becomes Big R!

  2. Many people have been commenting that he looks like his dad. It's those baby blue eyes & the ears are from B's childhood too.
    You'll meet him. One day soon. I haven't made the effort to come to you either. Hopefully soon once I get the rest of this month organized. Summer's almost sad...But I love fall too.

  3. He is just so kissable!
    It's fun to see how his looks are changing, becoming more defined. Sweet little boo!