Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Brother

[Uncle J & baby R. So sweet.]
40 yrs. Wuhoo! Did you know that 40 is the new 30? Unfortunately, my brother doesn't think so. J feels more than half his life is over because "there's no way I'm making it to 80yrs". What a guy.

We suprised him with a group campout at Haunted Lake, which was super fun...except maybe at the revealing of the cake....for J anyway. J didn't want any cake or gifts or singing or anything, but we did and he seemed to not like it although inside somewhere I'm sure he did. He had to be convinced to stay for cake and that purchasing ice could really wait until later. Despite the protests I think he was really touched that we all went to the trouble for a birthday weekend in his honor. I love my brother. He's a great guy. Funny. Kind & generous. He's been known to give off this tough guy persona, but really is just a big marshmallow fella.
Happy Birthday Big Brother!
These two were attached at the hip all weekend. Cousin asked if he could hold W, while they sat by the fire.


  1. What a great family get-together! I wonder if I will feel the same at 40?
    Cousin in so cute. It's nice to have fun cousins growing up. Ours is getting here tomorrow.

  2. Enjoy your fun cousins! Have a wonderful visit, get lots of photos.