Saturday, August 18, 2007


I had one today. An epiphany. It hurt too. This whole business of life and growth is really over rated at times. So now that I've had it, what do I do with it. Today it became glaringly obvious that I have this need to always be right. Why? What does this gain me? Does it really matter who put the camera box in the closet? Is it really necessary to snap at my husband and accuse him of arguing with me about the Columnar Aspen Tree's pot? Ugh! To compound this realization about myself, there's one more thing. Another two men in my life have a tendancy to knock heads with me (or vice versa). This can be very stressful and challenging. To make it worse, today I realized that the reason they bug me so much is that I am JUST LIKE THEM!! They too have a need to be right and then not let things go. Great. So again, now what? This is an opportunity for me to "grow" and become a better person....or just continue on and drive myself and those closest to me nutty. Grow, grow, grow...growth sucks sometimes. Now, how do I do it? In what direction?
I think I need some fertilizer.


  1. It really does suck. It's much more satisfying just to be right all the time!
    Perhaps letting go will lead to less frustration. Maybe?
    I applaud your enlightenment.

  2. One of the self help exercises that i find really useful is to make a list of pros and cons of staying the same and another of changing. We hang onto things that cause us so much pain out of fear of what lies around the corner. Of course its hard to change but it also hard work being right all the time! Good luck.