Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Week in Review

It's hard to believe that I haven't blogged all week. How negligent! Anyway, I'll try to recap the highlights without going overboard. So, here it goes.....

Uncle B! - he's our savior. Stayed with W while R & I went to a Dr's appt. W loves, loves, LOVES his Uncle B. They rough-house and laugh and play some more. It's a real treat to have Uncle B for a couple of hours. Thanks again!

W's 2yr checkup - all is well. 36.5 lbs & 95cm tall. Other than dashing away from the weighstation into another examining room, all went well.

R's 3mth checkup - 19lbs - off the charts! All is well here too, almost all the little quirks found at birth have corrected themselves. *Sigh* What a relief.

Such a strong little man. Loves to look over your shoulder to see what's going on, blows raspberries, and smiles & coos whenever you speak to him.

Camping @ Paddy's Flats - not our best camping trip due to the weather & such. W was sleep deprived all weekend, which makes for a temperamental two yr old. All things considered he did well. The four of us went on a hike this morning & he RAN the whole way....only some steep hills slowed him down...and there was a tumble or two into the brush, but he would get up, announce, "Fall down!" and keep on going. Of course, R slept the whole hike in the sling. Such a good boy!

We've really noticed how W's speech is progressing. His vocabulary now includes, "Come On" ( in an southern kindof way), "Lucy", he answers "good" when you ask how are you, and has started mimicking physical activity. A friend was sitting in a chair with her legs crossed, he sat down in the chair closest to her & deliberately crossed his legs as well. It's quite cute and probably one of those "you have to be there" moments. He also loves his buddies and would take his friend by the hand, just for a walk, this weekend. To see the 5yr old and 2yr old walking hand in hand is so sweet.

And now it's Sunday night. Time to pack for a trip to Granny's house. Wish us luck!


  1. Have a great time with Granny. What fun! We'll catch up when you get back.

  2. You are brave to camp with such a young one. The youngest mine have ever been was 10 months old when we went camping. I have to wait till there is more sleeping and less crying at night for we tent and it would wake all the other campers

  3. Brave? Alyson! I recall you camping in a TENT at very very pregnant. Plus, we don't tent it. That makes all the difference. My hat goes off to you..the true camper...with kids at any age.