Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back to Reality

After Christmas, New Year's and Las Vegas it's time for a return to reality. Life as we know it.
M, W, & F is pre-school in the afternoons. W is respite and Ladies Group, T & R afternoons our SNA (special needs assistant) is in the home to assist in keeping the pre-school learning momentum, R morning is gymnastics for both boy and in between all this there are OT visits, psych visits, doctors appointments, playdates (?), naps (?), housekeeping (?), physical activity for all of us (?) do you do it?
I feel we are lacking. Lacking in momentum, time and regular life. Was life really meant to be so scheduled? I guess so. I chose this in an attempt to help my child/ren. And I'm sure some of it really is but it feels like we're missing out on "regular life".....playdates, free play outdoors, home days, etc.
Have we become too specialized?
When will I get organized and keep a tidy home so that I can just play with my boys instead of constantly telling them..."Wait...Mommy's cleaning the kitchen,....Wait, Mommy's making dinner....Wait, Mommy's doing laundry....or Wait, Mommy needs to lay down cause she has a rockin' headache..."
And ya know....with all this "Wait" due to cleaning/ house is still a disorganized disaster! What's with that!
Any suggestions? I need help!


  1. Tidy Schmidy! Do not stress over the household stuff! Your family comes first...unfortunately the house is always there to clean, but guess what? It will still be there 20 years from now to clean, and they are only little once! if you can't let that go, my boys love vaccuuming and mopping, so maybe get them isn't always the best job, but they feel good about it! suggestions number lady! You are a great Mom and doing everything that you know to help, don't sweat the small stuff!

  2. Oh I'd call right now, but I would just cry. Are we still on for tomorrow morning or afternoon??? Housecleaning, what is that, haven't done any this week and it isn't looking promising either. Thank heaven everyone has a few too many clothes, cause that isn't being done either. Mommy needs a break.


  3. hmmm...I have yet to figure out why it seems like there is always so much to do, and yet nothing seems to get done!
    We miss you guys =)

    p.s. keep calm and carry on!