Saturday, January 16, 2010

Favorite Las Vegas Find

Of course a trip to Las Vegas requires a little shopping! I tell ya, if we had outlet malls here comparable to down there, I would be the best dressed with a million shoes SAHM! But we don't...and that's maybe a good thing for our bank account.

Besides Lane Bryant, Skechers, Sephora, a silver jewellery shop were everything was %50 off and the like, my favorite store was by far Bettie Page.
So fun! The 50's girl next door with a little bit of sass. I kept my cool and my Visa in my wallet, but oh there was lots of oogling! My patient husband left me to my own vices there and while I thought he was having a much needed cold beverage, he actually took the time for a shot of the shop. What a doll! The Bettie Page style including the red shoes, must be my alter image as I am absoultely drawn to it. You all know that I view red shoes as a neutral!

And then there was David and Goliaths. Hilarious! We came home with four shirts from there...none for me though! The best was "Gummie Bears Scare Me" with mean looking gummies yet none in my boys sizes. They are looking pretty cool in their new T's these days. W's is black...his favorite color. Bup's is blue...match his eyes.
Ahhh...some happy shopping. Even my Favorite Husband enjoyed it somewhat...mainly because he could enjoy an ice cold beverage while I shopped. See, there's something in it for everyone!


  1. I never saw this one at the outlet we went to. Nice dresses for a nice wedding I have coming up. Too bad!


  2. I'll be going to check out the retro website after this! Love that fab 50s sassy housewife era. I can't pull off the bright red lipstick though, just doesn't jive with my skin tone :o(
    I wore my sloves yesterday, they are so cozy! LOVE! Thank you thank you thank you! ...just the right colour too - how thoughtful!

  3. Loving those red shoes! Glad you all had a great time!