Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dr. Naturopath...& other strategies

Today we visit Dr. Naturopath again with W in tow. Bup too...but that's just because he's so lucky that he gets dragged everywhere with us!

Yesterday's visit was overwhelming and encouraging at the same time. She is certain that there is help for W...which will take a little time 3-6 months...but hopefully he will respond more quickly because of the way we eat and he saw such success with that.

Basically it comes down to a "leaky gut" and the inability to release toxins on his own so he's a little boy running on an adult amount of adrenaline.

Heal the leaky gut. ~ This goes hand in hand with a book I read last year and deeply agreed with.

Support his liver and kidney's so that they can function properly and break down toxins properly.

Vitamin B12, etc, etc.

Rehydrate. NO reverse osmosis water. Terrible for drinking as there are no minerals in it. Whoa! I've been a huge RO fan...and that's what we drink. Tap water is better? Yup. Spring water is ideal. Tap will do just fine. Blew my mind but totally makes sense. Even my Water Well husband agreed!

Today we'll learn more and start the plan for W. Here's hoping!

On Sunday we spent three hours with our psychologist who gave us a step by step guide for handling non-compliance & physical aggression. He also pointed out that what we are missing in our parenting efforts is empathy.


Well, that hit my heart. I have always thought of myself as empathic but it's obvious that due to stress and frustration I don't relay that to W or Bup...I relay frustration and impatience. So there's a big one to work on. And we are working on it. All of it.

The next few days are going to be most gets worse before it gets better right? Regression...frustration on the child's part for changing the rules...oh my gawd, we're out of Coconut Rum?! Seriously people!

Planning and preparation are a large part of succesful outings for us. I hate planning. I hate prep. I just want to go. My pants are the best for flying by the seat's almost like using a parachute. So, in the effort to diminish pant flying I found these little goodies at Kids Source which will become a fixture in my purse.

Wait a minute....wasn't I supposed to get rid of the Diaper Bag as the boys developed?! Fairwell diaper bag...hello Busy Bag. Ah least there are some cute big purses out there!

Okay, our busy bag of tricks includes a Leapster. Busy bag found at Kids Source. Busy minds = busy hands. I Spy Bag mainly for Bup but they can share. Water game. Weighted Vest.Snacks. ~Help! My shoulder hurts from carrying all this and it's quickly bypassing purse to rollie wheeled bag!!~

The Busy Bag and I Spy Bag could easily have been made at home...but I just...didn't. You could. Maybe I will in the future to change it up....
So, that's what's on the forefront for us at the moment. Lots of effort and hopefully lots of change...positive change...and happier moments. Here we go!!


  1. Yay! That is great news! There is nothing like hope. It's amazing how Naturopathic Dr's have such a different attitude with things, eh? They don't say, this is what you have, deal with it, or take this pill. They have a plan to make things better, they work with you to acheive those goals and make your life/health as best as possible again. I'm really happy for you guys!

    I have some major health issues lately and I've been thinking about going to a naturopath, but I've never been and keep putting it off. You just inspired me to stop putting it off and go see one. If he can help you guys with all this, surely they can help me with my skin and digestive issues. Thanks for inspiring me to take charge!

  2. Wonderful to have this news....especially when you feel you are at the end of your rapidly fraying rope.
    I think most parents could spend more time being empathetic.....I am frustrated and impatient with the boys. Looking at that, I see how they would respond negatively, thus behaving worse....I am changing.
    As for the water....I agree. I have always been told by many dentists that I have teeth covered in cement....aka, flouride. It was in our well water at the farm. Not a cavity yet.
    Cheers to better days!

  3. I have an I spy bag, want an extra one? Need me to pick up Coconut Rum for you? Happy to hear it went well.


  4. You're making such great progress! A little hope goes a long way. So does a nap and a break for mommy now and then (or a beverage, so I've heard)!

    I love your busy activities. My mom made some laminated folders for 'quiet time' at church. They have matching and other simple games. E especially enjoys them at the moment, but the boys do too.

    Now I just need to work on my impatient frustrated attitude... ;)