Wednesday, January 20, 2010


When does one admit defeat and move on to another strategy?

Defeat just may be on the horizon here.

We have been struggling and working so hard to implement strategies, change diet, routines, introduce school & professionals etc have all been added into our life in order to diminish this thing called adhd. Always a work in progress.

Yesterday was one of those days that indicated there is no progress....just regression. It was awful and the full magnitude of it didn't hit me until the end...when I wasn't immersed in the middle of the anger, frustration, impulsive behavior and chaos.

I feel completely lost.


Over my head.

Unsure and confused.

So I cried my eyes dry, talked with my favorite husband who was equally concerned, turned to the heart of a dear friend, then went to Indigo and picked up two new books: The Difficult Child by Stanley Turecki and There's an Elephant in the Playroom.

Today is a new day. Although the crisis has passed, the feelings it's left in it's wake have not. Still confused...feeling deflated....praying for a brighter day, clear answers and results.


  1. Been there! I'm writing you a more private message asap.

  2. Ahh, Mrs. M. Agreed, I think we all have been there! The important part of this is that you stood your ground, we all know it is worse if we don't.

  3. The bad days suck, but they sure have a way to make us reflect and reexamine what happened. The important thing is, that your trying things, and eventually you will find something that works. And hopefully those books will be helpfull. Hang in there, I'm sending you some positive vibes your way :)

  4. Those bad days can be so disheartening. And I certainly have my share. Try to keep in mind that you're still making progress, still moving in the right direction, even when those days stop us in our tracks.
    Big hugs!!

  5. I can honestly say that you are one of the most wonderful mothers I have met. Through watching you and reading about your daily life, it amazes me how much I would love to be like you. You seem to look struggles head on and dive right in. We all have bad days/weeks and feel inadequate, but guess what - perfect is a myth. We all do our best and have to remember that at the end of the day those little darlings are worth every tear. *hugs*

  6. Well, my friends, through all this stuff, what helps me get by and keep on going is you. Truly. Your kind words, encouragement and funnies they keep my head above water and give me the strength to the rum!:)
    Thank you. Thank you.