Saturday, January 30, 2010


It's Saturday morning I am verclemped...swaying back forth between gasping for air, laughing and the potential anger...pi$$ed off feelings...threatening to rise up...I'll stick with laughter for now.
Here's the scenario:
At work. (Did you know I work out of the home? A little fun, non-stressy part time, weekend job which gives me a bit of mad money, sanity and adult conversation) we are having a weight loss challenge between RAs (Resident Associations...aka Community Assoc.) within the city. So, this WLC entails weekly weigh ins, a small enrollment fee, confidentiality, inspiration and friendly competition. Right on par with a New Year a New You kind of attitude.
It was made very clear about the confidentiality portion. Our team leader is to be the only one who knows our weight. Every week whether we are up or down, by how much, and our goals (ie: lose a dress size, acquire more energy... are some examples) are posted on a huge poster board in the staff office.
Now, let me explain that I work with a few very slim women. I am definitely "above average" in comparison to the demographics in this office. I KNOW this. So, does everyone else. It's obvious. Hello! My eyes work sista!
So, I am still gasping for air at the site of MY initial weigh in weight documented in green ink for all the office to see! WTH??? Oxygen...need O2!!
Oh dear...I think I'm going to be sick...wait is that the M&M machine over there? Maybe that'll make me feel better!
What would you do?
Believe me this is a big deal for me, a big deal to participate, to share with one person, and face the facts myself. I know I am larger than life. I know I am 100lbs overweight. Everyone around me knows that too. It's obvious because come on...we can all see people! Yet to see the cold hard facts in lovely green ink, on the bulletin board. Ack! Oh no, oh no.....I think I'm going into anaphylactic shock!
So, this is what I did....emailed the three people in which I know one of them, if not two, would be responsible for this faux pas.

Hello Ladies,

Okay. I’m about to make a bit of a big deal out of an obvious mistake and oversight on someone’s part…and it doesn’t matter who, in fact I don’t want to know who so please don’t tell me…but I just need to express my surprise, disappointment and feelings about this.

It was fairly shocking and I’m sure my retina’s are burned from seeing my initial weigh in weight posted for all to see on the Weight Loss Challenge tracking board.

I know where I stand as we all are aware of our own situations but to see it in print when it is supposed to be confidential was a huge surprise.

If you want me to disclose and be the poster child, please ask first! Okay, I’m being cheeky here and trying to be funny and self-deprecating. I know this was an obvious mistake, yet it still is a little unnerving & makes my stomach sink.

Just please, be more careful. I make mistakes all the time too. I know that. This one though…is a little more personal.

It’s there now for all of us to gasp at, myself probably the loudest, and doesn’t need to be erased. What’s done is done. I’m just asking for a little more sensitivity and double checking next time.

Thanks so much….for letting me vent, listening, and not leaving Jennie Craig coupons in my mailbox.


My next course of action? I think I'm going to sabotage them all and beat their skinny little bums by anonymously leaving chocolates in the office every week. So there! I'll fix their little red wagons. Vindictive, aren't I?


  1. Oh Mrs. M, you are being very brave and generous! How rude!! I can't imagine anyone being quite so dense.
    You are handling the situation with great finesse!
    Don't be discouraged!

  2. OMG!!! WTF!!! I could use every expletive I know here and still be seeing red! I sooooo know exactly the sensitive matter involved and let me tell you, you handled that a lot classier then I would have...I am proud of you for joining in, having the courage to have it remain, and for not hunting the b#*&% down and beating her to a pulp!!! Cream their butts my friend....."that'll learn 'em"!

  3. lol...
    I love you both. Mrs. Mittens and Mrs. Sister. Do you know that? I love you both!

  4. I would have lost it, and found a black sharpie. That is beyond rude. I hope everyone else's was listed as well and they didn't single you out. So are you going to blow them away, revenge can be sweet.

  5. Oh my! I would be so horrified. I am so impressed with the way you handled this situation. Good luck to you! I hope you do beat them all! This just added fuel to your fire so SMOKE 'EM!

  6. Yours was the ONLY weight posted???? That's just not right! Your response that you sent them was fantastic - to the point but with your unique witty humour. I don't think I could have come up wih something like that I would have been too busy covering their workspaces with SKINNY BITCH written on yellow post-its.

  7. I gasped SO loud I'm sure you heard me! Unbelievable!

    You'd better post their response! Skinny SIL posted a TERRIBLE FAT pic of me on FB last summer. It was SO bad another friend emailed me to ask if she hated me!

    Made for some interesting emails between the two of us. Haven't spoken much since. And somehow I'm thinking if they visit again this'll be...awwwwwkward. :)


  8. It doesn't matter what size we are (we all feel the hurt no matter what someone says about our waist lines or about the waistlines of the ones we love) - it just matters what is inside and you my girl, have so much love, charity, understanding and good inside that it really does not matter what is on the outside. I will never forget two girls on the school bus (over 50 years ago) singing the "porky, porky" song to my overweight brother. How I hated those two and how I wished they would suffer the same fate as he had. I still hate them to this very day - and now my bro is thin! So I hope what goes round - comes round!!! We must all protect our loved ones. The good inside is all that counts for me!

  9. I agree with Lesley. Once again you amaze me!