Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wednesday's the Day!

Tomorrow is our initial appointment with the new naturopath.
I'm so excited.
So hopeful.
Can't wait.

Conversation of the day:
W is angry that R watched Mr. Bean and lost his spot as the DVD wasn't on pause any longer.
(Mr. Bean Christmas...the turkey scene where Mr. Bean gets his head stuck in the giant turkey)
W is sitting on the couch, with no cushions on it by the way, and he states emphatically,
"Bup! You ruined my life!"

lol...okay...it really was all I could do to not laugh hysterically, but it really wouldn't have gone over well. Can we say "dramatic"?


  1. Oh and all the best luck with your appt today. I hope it's even better than you expect. xo

  2. Oh the dramatics!
    And oh Mr. Bean! I don't think we've ever watched him. I suspect he would be very popular around here too.
    Maybe we should laugh hysterically when we feel like it.
    I think we need to keep the kids on edge a bit! (we better be careful cause mommy's crackin' up)