Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Movie Deprivation

Is it odd that I hold hateful feelings towards Mr. Bean?
The boys love Mr. Bean movies.
Especially at 3am.
It was meltdown moments this morning...uh, middle of the night...because one little man couldn't sleep and wanted to watch Mr. Bean. There's so many things wrong with this!
And now, it's 630am and the countdown to nap time has begun.

Speaking of crying over movies, yesterday in the big W retail store, we were perusing the very limited children's DVDs when one 2 yr old child of mine had his little heart set on a Care Bears, Mr. Bean and Wallace & Grommit DVDs. Unfortunately for everyone three DVD purchases was not an option.....oh the tears that followed! Bup sobbed...and I do mean S-O-B-B-E-D his little heart out loudly as we finished waiting for meds at the pharmacy, through the checkout and the drive home. The whole time sobbing, "Wallace & Grommit". He was so distraught that there were many stares & comments...and I don't think people were feeling sorry for me either!

Our children's movie choices have become very limited. Due to the use of improper language and everything in the house becoming a gun. Aaarggh! So, this grouchy mother had had enough and put every movie away that had any suggestion of violence & bad language. What's left? Spirit, Care Bears, Tractor Tom, Back Yardigans, nothing Disney, and a lot of Sesame Street. Hopefully this will eliminate being called a jerk or idiot and that there will be less toys used as guns in our house. Doesn't that make you just want to come over for a play date?

What are your kids watching these days? Anything good that W & Bup are missing out on?


  1. Our household was once very restricted as well, but I have let a lot go since they started school as they hear it all on the playground anyway! On the clean side though, "Horton Hears a Who", the "Ice Age" movies and the "Chipmunks" are favs still at our house! I think turning things into a gun is just a natural boys instinct too...just wait until they discover WWE and UFC!

  2. God help me Knob Sister! That's all I have to say about that.

  3. I have to agree with KS, Mrs. M.....3 boys at my house and their forks at lunch are transformed into a sword, gun, light saber, axe....anything weapon related. It is true and a reality that we can limit it all when they are little but we have no control over other kids at school or at the park.....Home school, I guess....NOT! Not for me or our boys or my hubby as I would go NUTS!
    Movies I suggest:
    Veggie Tales
    Wallace and Grommit - sorry, it is fantastic
    Sesame Street
    Fly Tales - boys loved this!(no talking)
    Hope this helps.....hang in there Mom!

  4. I was thinking the other day that if I could start over they'd only watch Treehouse type shows. Nothing violent or rude EVER!
    I also really like Wallace and Grommit, Veggie Tales, and the Ice Age movies.
    I splurged at Christmas and got the 8 volume set of Charlie and Lola. I want Charlie to be my big brother...is it wrong to have a tiny crush on a sweet cartoon boy?

    Oh, and the kids really like Curious George. Although I'm not as patient as the man with the yellow hat. That monkey is always getting into something.