Monday, April 19, 2010

Alberta Education Eliminates Coding for Special Needs

A dire situation is in the works. Please read the email below that I received today.

This is HUGE!! Every child will be affected in the Alberta school system. Even if your child is not a coded child. They too will be affected. Coding determines the type and level of support that a child receives. For example our son is coded and this is why he receives the level of PUF (Program Unit Funding) for Early Intervention Education that he currently holds. This directly impacts us. We will not know yet, what the outcome will be. I suspect by the end of May beginning of June we will be made aware. How timely that I receive this email today while we are in the middle of applying for Fall 2010 funding and choosing an appropriate school. I must I could preach from this soapbox for days!

Talk about this. Share it with your friends who have kids in the school system here. Increase awareness. Thanks for taking the time to do so. ~ Mrs. M

All students are going to be affected by Alberta Education’s decision to remove coding (the designations that identify and provide supports to students with special needs) starting in the Fall of 2010. Obviously, the students who are currently coded will be impacted by this decision. However, the distribution of funding and the supports available in individual classrooms may change significantly – thereby impacting all students.

On Wednesday, April 21st, CAPSC will be hosting a panel discussion on special education. The guests who are coming are influential decision makers with Alberta Education and the CBE:

Sydney Smith, CBE’s Director of Special Education
- Kathryn Burke, Executive Director of the Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta
- Dianne McConnell, Alberta Education’s Director of Special Education
- Anne Davidson, Project Manager for Alberta Education’s “Setting the Direction for Special Education in Alberta” initiative.

We encourage you to send this panel discussion invitation to all of your parent friends and acquaintances, whether they have a coded child or not. This event is free to attend and all are invited. The panel discussion will take place Wednesday, April 21st, 2010, from 7:00-9:00 pm in the library (second floor) at AE Cross Junior High School in SW Calgary.

This is a perfect opportunity for CBE parents to learn firsthand about what’s coming. Bring your questions: Q&A with the audience will form the majority of the discussion. We hope to see you and your friends / neighbours / acquaintances there!

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  1. If I lived in Calgary Mrs. M, I'd be there. I have not heard anything about this at all.....province wide?
    Yikes, without knowing details, I don't see how this is beneficial....keep me posted.