Monday, April 19, 2010

Psych Visit Update

Good news!

The sat meeting with Mr. Psych went well. He is completely on board with W's need for continued support throughout the school year and agrees that W is at risk....risk to lose the PUF because he is doing so well at school and risk for regression if he doesn't have the much needed support.'s hoping that the assessments by all involved will show the Ministry of Education that our little W is still eligible for PUF.

It amazes me how much this actually stresses me and how I show that stress. Prior to the meeting I was so grouchy and felt this huge chip growing on my shoulder like Mt. Rundle. Then after the meeting was over, even though it went well, I was still short until I just gave in....went to my room and had a good cry. Then all was well.
It's interesting to me how My Favorite Husband and I have a different outlook and deal with this type of info differently. I have a lot to learn from MFH. He sees the positive, is relieved and happy. I remain feeling pushed down by the huge chip on my shoulder, the energy of having to "advocate"...FIGHT...for our child...and then need a a good cry.

Regardless....we are heading in the right direction for W.


  1. Awesome news for W! Is the glass half full or half empty? in B's world I bet it is half full 99% of the time....Mrs. H, our is usually half empty....that is why you and B are a perfect fit, so all sides can always be examined! It is also why you and I can analyze anything down to the last detail and usually remember it for years! and some days, a girl just needs a good cry~ nothing wrong with that!

  2. Yes.....just what you hoped to hear!