Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Morning Pscyh

As I enjoy my morning toast and diet coke (yup...cokin' it this am), there is a robin perched on the peak of our neighbors garage while I make lists in my mind and on paper, trying to repel the anxiety that comes with this morning's visit from our psychologist.
Saturday morning psych visit.
Who ever thought these took place?
I am grateful...believe me, I am. Just nervous.
W is doing so incredibly well in pre-school. Yes, he still has the wiggles and has to be prompted to stay on task for more than 5-7 minutes, struggles with pre-printing skills, circle time is one of constant reminders, hates using scissors or crayons the proper way, yet he is happy there, is a role model for other kids, loves, loves, loves story time and is exceeding our expectations socially.
Our pscychologist always sees how great W is doing in school.
Will this help us with support for next year? That is my fear. That "THEY" will only look at how far he's come....not what got him there....and decide that W will be fine without support for kindergarten.
No support? May as well throw him to the wolves. The support and small class size is what has done the trick for our little man.
I'm nervous. Worried. Anxious.
Hopefully, Mr. Psych will see the whole picture, the big picture, not just the little detail in the center and support W in his quest for learning.
It's one hour until the visit begins so I ought to tidy the kitchen and get W out of his pjs.


  1. Good morning Mrs. M!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that it will all turn out exactly the way you want it to. Good luck!

  2. I understand your concern and being a teacher, trained to work with little ones like W, I also can understand the bigger picture. It is a double-edged sword, as you are thrilled with all of his successes and progress and yet, at times, want to hide those great accomplishments and growth so that he will qualify for the extra guidance, redirection, support.......this is where a bigger chunk of funding should go so everyone who needs "help" gets it. The start of learning in these years determines how the cards fall later in learning!
    Have a great evaluation!

  3. Thanks for your support Ladies. I certainly value both your friends, mothers raising boys, and Mrs. Barbershop your teaching experience. It's wonderful to have friends on our side!