Friday, April 23, 2010

The Wicked Queen's Apple & Food Challenge Friday

Remember in Snow White when the wicked Queen genetically modified an apple with poison to kill the sweet Snow White?
Well, that apple isn't just in Snow White. I bought four of those apples today. By accident. By the innocent sneakiness of a happy little 4 yr old boy who put a package of "Grapple"s in our cart.
An apple injected with artificial grape flavor.
What the??? (as W would say).
Cause really...a nice crunchy apple needs to be injected with flavored crap to increase the appeal?
Ugh. The sickeningly sweet smell of them from the package is enough to bring the Kool Aid man running through the streets. Maybe it was he who thought this up, not the wicked Queen.
Regardless, if my child bites this apple, I'll be begging to sleep until Prince Charming is home from the hockey game to wake me!

Food Challenge Friday
Artificial Sweeteners
They are everywhere. The diet revolution made them a day to day norm in our diets. There is so much controversy with this. Health wise. Of course, it's a cazillion (official number of course!) dollar industry so the companies responsible want us to believe in the health benefits. Do you avoid Artificial Sweeteners? Do you love them & swear by them?
As you all know, I've been a bit of a Diet Coke addict. *ahem* I drink it for the caffeine (a whole other post), it's cold, and I like the taste.
I know this needs to change. Now. And here's what's helping me change my mind.
1. Weight gain. My family doctor talked to me this week about there is lots of evidence that artificial sweeteners CAUSE weight gain. My body doesn't know the difference between sugar & a "calorie free" sweetener. It's something sweet & the body reacts as such.
2. Formaldehyde. My son's naturopath gave me information that as's turn into formaldehyde and over time cause MS like symptoms.
Both of those should be enough to scare me off forever!

We don't have fined sugar in our home. We use Agave nectar, brown rice syrup, and pineapple juice and the family has reponded well to it. Even my Favorite Husband doesn't use sugar in his coffee any longer. Wuhoo!

Now, to stop buying Diet Coke. Now.


  1. I know exactly what apples your talking about. They smell and taste like grape Kool Aid, and that's just wrong if you ask me. We had them a couple times, when we didn't know anybetter ( a couple years ago). But now, I know better. I also saw on some show on the Food Network how they are "made" and they litterally bathe in a chemical solution to absorb the "flavouring".... But if you think THAT is bad, you should see how marachino cherries are "made". Makes me want to throw up! Fruits should not be made by man, they should be made by nature. Period.

    (Sorry about the rant, lol) Have a happy weekend :)

  2. I'm with ya Stephanie. It freaked me right out when I realized what they were. Blows my mind.

  3. Christmas baking won't be the same without marachino cherries anymore! Those apples just sound wrong. Perhaps they will need to find themselves eaten by that handsome prince( put the suffering on him, he had a nice evening out with expensive beer) sorry B. Any chance you are able to swap them for the real deal before they request one? I'll run to Sobeys for you!


  4. Oh, B wouldn't eat them. He hates fake grape.
    I think I'll give them to my sister's kids! or just throw them out. Shameful as that is. Thankfully we bought real apples as well and they're waiting in the fruit bowl for little hands.

  5. For some reason, I can just see those poor apples in a landfill NOT decomposing. And turning more purpe with each passing day.


  6. I have never seen these crazy apples but I am appauled. I do not know why we have shifted to adding color and sugar to everything to get our kids to eat it.

    Thanks so much for participating in my Food Challenge Fridays and sharing it with your readers. I knew eliminating artificial sweeteners would be hard for many of us. We went out to eat last night and I would have ordered a Diet Coke but couldn't. (I always order water at a restaurant but their water tastes like they add chemical yuk to it to get you to purchase a drink.) So I had sweet tea. The sugar isn't good either, but what's a non-artificial-sweetener-ingesting girl to do?

    I am interested to try agave nectar. Are you able to bake with it as a sugar replacement? How do you use pineapple to sweeten?