Friday, April 16, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

As the boys dine on sausage and sweet potatoes a la nude....what's a little nudity between friends after all this is a house of boys. Other than the crumbs which are intentionally placed within one's belly button. ???Is that not uncomfortable???~ The boys had just come from the tub so after a giggling round of naked racing about the house they settled in for breakfast and an episode of Curious George. Yes. I use the TV to my advantage at times. I admit it. Such as now, they are still engrossed as I write cause really there would be no blogging or many other things without my telly friend.

I, dressed in clothes, enjoy Vegan Lentil Loaf from Planet Organic.'s loaded with goodies and has a little ketchup on top. I need this recipe!

What's cooking at your house this morning?


  1. Today, let's see, Honey nut Cherios for breakfast, popcorn for snack, (K was eating raw carrots), don't choke, I almost did, yup eating them really! For lunch, pizza, so not homemade either. I on the other hand want yours. Sounds yummy, but then all things at Planet Organic are yummy!

    Hope your little is going to nap today, I have two little friends over from school for a couple of hours this afternoon to play in the nice weather. Hopefully we can chat later this afternoon.


  2. Absolutely love the naked picture!How adorable those two are!

    I usually cook a hot breakfast everyday but today we were in a rush. Pay dined on Captain Crunch while I managed her pigtails and my other one, as always, turned her nose up to the idea of breakfast.

    I'm curious to know how you cook your sweet potatoes. I love them but have no idea how to cook them and especially in a way that will get your kids will them.

    Have a fantastic weekend Mrs. M!

  3. The picture of your boys put a smile on my face... it's just so cute!

    Oatmeal (not instant) with added raisins, cinnamon and maple syrup used to be my favourite! Still is but... since I had it about 6 mornings a week for the past 6-7 years, it was too much I guess and now I'm extremely intolerant to oatmeal :( Now I'll have either a green smoothie or some rice farina (texture like a coarse cream of wheat), but it's just not hitting the spot when all I really want is oatmeal.

    Lentil loaf sounds delish, I should search for a recipe for that. Thanks for the idea!

    Have a great weeekend!