Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

It truly is a good Friday. In more than the spiritual sense as well.

Unfortunately, we didn't remember/celebrate by attending church however a little Tell Me the Easter Story book has been read and re-read to the boys. W loves this one.

On this Good Friday I enjoyed "me" time at the Urgent Care Centre. About 5 hours of quiet time. If you call, listening to other people's children cry and the hustle & bustle of an emerg unit quiet. But I was all alone to enjoy this hectic, pain filled pace.

My back is a mess at the moment...strained again...and this time the pain was beyond me so off I took my crooked little self to Urgent Care where I spent the day...sans enfants. No one pulled the fire alarm. No one ran away. No one shouted, "NO!" to me. It was fantastic!

Eventually when I was admitted and in a private room, I even had a nap! N-A-P! Since it was another 1.5 hr wait alone in the room, I took full advantage. Pulled my wrap over my head, lay down as best I could without my back freaking out, kept my jeans on despite being ordered to wear only the airy gown (I hate those things! Who doesn't? And why should my bottoms be off to assess my spine..not the rebel I am kept them on WITH the gown. Wu-hoo.)

The nap was wonderful. Hopefully the drugs are too. So here's to a back free of pain, a deep sleep, and a loving husband who stayed home with the little fellas so that I could get care...alone.

Now, the other reason, this is truly a good Friday is that it's the anniversary of when my favorite husband & I said our vows; united in marriage to begin this crazy life we lead. Five whole years. Not so very many in the big scheme of things...and sometimes if feels like yesterday and sometimes it feels like 50 years JUST because so much has happened in the past five years. We've done it all....sickness & health, richer or poor, glad and mad (oops...that sounds very Sesame Streetish), and the comparisons could go on and on. We've done it all in five years yet still love each other, and can tell the tale...some with humor and some with tears.

I am truly blessed to have B by my side, sometimes behind me pushing me onwards, but always supportive and loving. No other man could experience my emotions and crazy cycles with the acceptance and love that B does. I am blessed. And because I am so blessed, I am proud to say that we are renewing our vows tomorrow.

In a little chapel, in the foothills of the mountains, just a private, intimate ceremony to recommit to our relationship as marrieds. So... here's to marrying my favorite husband all over again.
I definitely do!


  1. Awwww....both to your back in a poor you sense! and in awww of how sweet is that you are renewing your vows! Hope that the back allows you to glide down that aisle tomorrow the same way that you did 5 years ago.....happy anniversary my friends!

  2. Oh I SO laughed a sistah-hood laugh at your napping in the urgent care room! With your jeans still on!

    Although back issues are not really that funny. It's the napping that is. In a cute sorta way.

    And renewing your vows with your fave hubs is also cute. In an sweet sorta way.

    Hope your weekend was filled with sweetness!


  3. It take a mom to fully appreciate 'alone time' wherever it is available! A great use of your wait time ;)

    and congrats on your wedded bliss! YOu two crazy love birds. Hope you had a wonderful romantic happily drugged day ;p

  4. Aside from the back pain your story sound so happy. Congratulations of 5 years. Now days that means something.

    An aside... I still haven't got that apple cake recipe yet from my friend. She is dating someone now so I hardly ever hear back from her. As soon as I get it you will.

  5. Sorry to hear about your back, I hope your feeling better now?!

    I think it's so great that you guys renewed your vows after 5 years of marriage. Congratulations! I hope you guys had a great ceremony :)