Saturday, July 14, 2012


The boys are asleep, tucked in their bunks with only a sheet covering their little tukas' ..... due to the heat, the muppet dog is asleep.... about two feet from the fan, B the D is rocking the night shift at the rig, and here I am; enjoying peace, quiet, two fans and cheese!

Last year, the Healing Summer, our holiday trailer was not used one single time.
 Not. Once. 
For shame! 

But, ya know, a little brain surgery at the beginning of summer, may do that to a family.

 So, we are making up for it this year as the boys and I are on a three week (or more) camping adventure on the Alaska Highway in order to be close to my Favorite Husband as he whiles works away, and to give the boys a bit of summer fun.

The adventure began with a late start on our excursion across the province and into the next. We arrived, tired but happy, after 10+ hours of driving and a few playground-picnic-pee breaks. Sleepy Bup did not wake up at all when I carried him (this is a great feat since the little cutie weighs just shy of 70lbs!!) into the trailer.
And why in the HECK won't this load properly?! It's upright in the  comp file!

B the Favorite Husband works nights. Real nights. Not this evening business. 6p-6a. Then he drags his cute, tired self into town to spend a few hours with us before heading back on site for a sleep, and another shift. What a guy! We REALLY appreciate his effort, sleep deprivation and seeing him daily. It's a wonderful treat.
Obviously, this "camping" is more akin to Glamping...sort of.  
Hello! I'm blogging. There is internet service!
 And no one is sleeping in a tent. (although a little bug did just run across my screen and get squished...oops!) .
Movie watching before bed.

Our days have been filled with playing at the "lake". I use that term rather loosely as it is man made. More like an outdoor pool really.

Visiting the local museum which had a rather large display of taxidermied animals and the boys LOVED it!

Dinosaur Valley is just 115km from here so we made a day trek and were lucky to receive a personal tour of the Dino Gallery. It was cool. Much smaller than the grand scale us southern Albertans are used to in Drumheller, but well done and informative just the same.

 Imagine being the two young boys who stumbled on the dino footprints just 12 yrs ago! How cool would that be!  They made the first discovery in this area!

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