Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rural Route Day Trip

Driving in the AC cooled truck along paved country roads with steep hills and hair pin curves we came upon this wooden trestle.

I could have sat there all day. In the sun with a light breeze.

These two little cuties wanted to walk across the trestle so there was no sitting for me!
 Don't worry I didn't let them.
 Plus, R was grouchy. Grrrr! So grouchy that he "is not friends with W anymore!!"
Serious business.
He got over it. {{wink}}

The Pouce Coupe Museum is a cute little walkthrough chalk full of memorabilia from past times. Of course, the boys were thrilled with the little train out front. Cracks me up that they even fit in it. And rang that horrible, horrible bell waaaaay too much...too loudly....and loved every noisy minute of it.

Okay, so aren't R's shades hilarious!!! They are a Cuba purchase out of desperation and now he wears public....a lot. Even with one lens that keeps popping out. 

The best 6 bucks ever spent was at the Sewell Valley Game Farm.
3 hrs later.
The nicest Golden Retriever, Spike.
A warm tour by the owner with all sorts of interesting tidbits about the animals.
Wagon ride through the pastures and right among the buffalo. Which.....made me a tad nervous as they were very serious about we must keep out legs in the wagon and I know buffalo are aggressive.
Not as much as the Muskoxen....they are  badass  downright scary!!

Sooo much sun, so much heat and it was time to leave. Time for an ice cream treat and hit the road Jack.
"Full speed ahead!" as Bup tells me. Full speed ahead...

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