Saturday, July 21, 2012

Safety sit

Yes I let the boys play outside alone at the trailer while I am inside making dinner.
Usually they stay close by, stay safe and bicker. Really, the bickering is a safety mechanism as then I know what they are up to.
Well, this evening Bup was on his own as W was indoors with me, he was watching "Where the Wild Things Are".
All was quiet outdoors.
So I popped my head out the screen door to find this!!
Mr. Safety Sit.
Can you see he almost got his bike up there too?!
Some help Benson is....just sits quietly by and watches the building shenanigans. By the way, how super cute is Benson....with his muppet-esque hair growing out. Love the long curly look.
Bup never fell off the table.
Yes, he had to come in for dinner.
No he wasn't allowed to eat in his purple throne.

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