Sunday, July 29, 2012

Monsters Climb Too

The Rec Centre here in Dawson Creek offers "Try It" Wall Climbing classes for brave kids ages 4yrs & up, so naturally I signed the boys up & threw in a swim to follow.

Tired, active kids makes for happier boys....and naturally a happier mom.

W has climbed before....not just from the play structure to the garage roof!

But this was a first for R. And although he was a little leary once on the wall he was equally eager and brave.

Except this is the time the meds break down and cannot hold the Monsters at bay.

Is your stomach sinking too? Mine still does.

Or are you wondering " What in the H€|| was she THINKING letting him climb!!!"

Well, I was thinking that his meds work, that we haven't seen a seizure in quite sometime, and that he's safe, in a harness.

Wrong- ish.

Meds failed.

Right arm went completely limp and hung awkwardly and then began to stiffen.

R just calmly said he wanted down. When I went to him, put my arm around to ask if he just needed a rest is when he told me "I have a wiggly hand"

My heart jumped. Into my throat.

There is brave Bup hanging in a harness, clinging to the wall with pne hand and his feet, arm unresponsive, my arms around him.....with reality sinking in.

There are moments when I hate reality. This is one of them.

My heart aches for R. I want him to be able to do whatever he wants without Monster fear...or appearances. I want him to be safe. I want....I want...I want...

R does have a 24hr VEEG already scheduled for the end of Aug. I guess it's more necessary than not.

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  1. How freakin' scary!

    And dare anyone judge you for letting him try. We HAVE to let them try to be as normal as do things that others do too... As much as possible.

    That's my rant for the day.

    I'm SO sorry. XO