Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monsters still here

3 seizures since Saturday.

The Evening Addition
One more Wiggly Hand reported today.

You know, I've been feeling in such a funk the last couple of days. Especially yesterday.
Could NOT figure out what my problem was. Boys were as cooperative and happy as they ever are. Happy with the Hubster.
What, what, whhhhhat?
I could have just ate everything and anything in sight and more. Which is not good.
Um, yeah, emotional eating? Hello!

Then a friend texted as she had just read the blog and wanted to know how things are ie: R and the Seizure Monsters.
It hit me....like a tonne of bricks.
Or a needle poked in my eye.
The tears just started to flow.
So, that is it. That's my funk. My fears. Seizure activity showing for no darn good reason. Freaks me out. Inside and out. Even if it takes me a couple days to clue in.

Of course, I didn't tell me friend that I was sitting in Hug a Mug with tears streaming down my face, texting with her, and skimming through an O mag.

But I'm grateful. Grateful her question clued me in cause ya know, it stopped the funk. Amazeballs!
Thank you friend, Miss M.