Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dinner Disaster

Due to the heat and this momma's loathing of cooking in a hot kitchen, I copped out by taking the boys out for dinner, to a sit down restaurant.
Nothing fancy just not fast food arches as I want to choose a somewhat healthy meal.

Anyway, what a mistake.

Two stressed filled, stink eye, raised whisper reminders, threats and 7000 "that's enough!" HOURS LATER and our air conditioned meal was done.

Thank heavens!

Three games of Go Fish, IPOD time, and coloring pages and I was still swearing in my head.

The crouching in the chair, legs pushed out through the back, crawling under the table, sticking hands in my drinking water to steal the ice, the belching and the singing of "I'm Sexy & I Know It" and I was ready.

Or walk out and leave those antsy, noisy kids there.

It didn't help to see other quiet, seated children at other tables. (I hate them! Well....hate may be a bit strong....or not....or....)

I was so mad and then I thought to myself, "What am I doing? "
"Why am I trying to change my child's very being that he cannot change?"
"If he is kind, WHO CARES if he is a bit loud and wiggly, and hyperactive?"

Cause all this hushing and shushing is just straining my relationship with my son.

And myself.

Hearing all these don'ts, stops, and shushes is hard on him. It's a life long challenge if a person feels they can do nothing right.

What AM I doing?
Right now, my response is NEVER dining out again!

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