Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy 145th Canada!

An outdoor family only celebration was on the agenda today.

"Hiking"....when it's with a couch potato (baked, not fried) momma, well, it's really West Bragg with the dog in tow seemed like a peaceful way to spend Canada Day.

If peaceful includes one child who does not stop talking or complaining or calling some of us annoying, another child who pushes said sibling's buttons, two parents who are at "Whit's End" and a dog who decides that to rub his face and side with gusto in a fresh horse pile of s...dung....well, then it was super peaceful and enjoyable!

Amazeballs! Both kids and parents survived with no one being swept away by the creek or as bear bait. By the way, who needs Bear Bangers when we have our W on the path. That boy has a click that is so loud it's like a nail being driven into your any good mom, when we were in bear-ish areas, I told him to click.

He was so happy! We were so safe! {{wink}}

Kissy Boys. Happy Moments.
(Notice the leopard print tank? Let me watch Snookie & Jwoww once and look what happens! Animal print.)
After rinsing the stinkin' dog in the icy mountain stream, it was time for an ice cream stop in the village and home. (The poor thing looked pa-thetic at home when I bathed and blow dryed him outdoors. Since when does Dog Spa Day include a Horse Manure Wrap?)

Pre Equine Manure Wrap.
It's sad for the boys that we cancelled our trip to the fireworks tonight.....but there's only so much complaining and threatening I can do to attract good behavior....only so much poop talk that this mom can stand in one, after a good cry ( Hot Damn! The boys not me!), a play in the backyard and popcorn, it's bedtime. 

Now, if only there was beer in the house. Boo. That's a Canadian past time isn't it....that I'm lacking in.

By the by, our picnic included homemade GF Sugar Free Brownies....the bomb!
And....Smashed Garbanzo Bean sandwiches....superyum, even Hubster thought so although he did follow his compliment up with "I don't want to know what they are made of". Ha! No, BJ, you really, really don't!

The Hubs & Me.
Smashed Chickpea Sandwiches
Need a new easy lunch? Try these!

And that my friends is that. Until next time, Happy Canada Day to you.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect family adventure. Makes me want to go for a family hike...although I'll do without the horse poo doggy!