Thursday, April 12, 2007

20 months

Our W is 20 months today. 20 months of wonderment and growth. I have enjoyed all his stages and development and the only one I've wanted to accelerate is speech. It will come and has progressed quite well for a little boy toddler. Thank goodness for sign language as it's been a great help. Now we must teach him to sign feelings/emotions, to assist with self expression. It's fun to hear him emulate animal sounds & pretend to chat on the phone.
Over the previous two months W has developed a love of ketchup. (He must be related to my brother!) It's quite cute to watch him "dip" his finger food into a little red dollop of the favored condiment. Of course, his fingers eventually follow as well. Who needs a fork...except to comb your hair at the table?
W has become much more affectionate and gives kisses upon request and at will. Sometimes I think it's an effective stall tactic to delay bedtime. What a quick learner! But there is nothing quite like having your little one press his soft cheek against yours for a few seconds before giving you a sweet kiss and then laying his head on your shoulder. How can we not be wrapped around his finger?
One of his new "skills" learned from his buddy the Bee, is to take you by the hand to whatever it is he wants. IE: the front door to escape the house or into his little tent to which he then zips you in & leaves you there! :)
Probably the most noticeable change is his strong dislike/jealousy when either B or I are holding another child. WOW! It's apparent the upcoming addition to our family will require some patience and reassurance with W. He "likes" other children/babies, just not when they are in the arms of HIS parents. Good thing we attended the Helping Your Child to Adjust workshop last night. Hopefully, we are able to put what we learned into practice.
Probably the most exciting event for the three of us during this month, was the Boys Adventure Weekend, when B & W spent four days & nights together on their own. They did great! I'm so proud of them and the father-son bond that has been strengthened. We're all blessed to have sons & fathers that want to spend time together.


  1. When Z was born E suddenly wanted to be carried everywhere again. She wanted a lot of attention from me. She didn't seem jealous of the baby just demanding of me :) I think that their radar is a bit different with siblings than when you are holding other kids. I think they are more jealous of other kids than they are of their brother or sister.

  2. Thanks Sweet Peas! I've heard that they become more baby-like ie wanting to be held or wanting a bottle/breast again. I'm counting on a content sleeps alot infant in order to help us all adjust.

  3. I think the second sibling has to be quite resilient!

    I recall our friend Carrie saying how her daughter would kiss the new baby one minute and try to hit her in the head the next.

    W is a sweet boy. I'm sure he'll have his moments, but will be a great big brother.

  4. I think he'll probably want to hit me or himself in the head more than the "bup". Yikes!