Thursday, April 5, 2007

One More Sleep..

I am so quietly excited! Like a child counting the sleeps until a big event, such as their birthday or Christmas or school ending for the summer. My big event, is Easter weekend.
One more sleep until I have four days of quiet solitude. Four days of sleeping in. Even if that means only until 8am. Four days of uninterrupted naps....or completing projects started ages ago such as W's scrapbook & sewing the remainder of the red accents for his room....of big batch cooking and freezing meals for the future when Baby Appleseed arrives, etc. Of course, this also means four days of quiet and maybe a tad lonely as my boys are driving across the province to spend Easter with our extended families.
A boys adventure! Four days of father and son bonding. Four uninterrupted days with the "good cop" and no "bad cop" (aka Momma) to shut down their fun. Four fun filled days.
...and then they will return home to open arms and a heart filled with gratitude that they are home with me again.

What I find most interesting about my husband and I deciding to spend the holiday weekend apart is other people's responses. It's probably split about 50/50. 50% of people think it's a great idea! Time for B & W together, time for me to rest and enjoy some alone time before baby #2 arrives. Then there's the negative nelly %50 who are concerned that something is wrong....with me perhaps?....with our marriage perhaps?...what could it be? It's quite entertaining really. The beauty of it is that everything is right! I am so blessed to have a husband who WANTS to spend four days on his own with his son and who encourages me to take some time for myself as he understands that being a stay at home parent means 24-7 and as wonderful as it is to be at home with children a break is still needed and deserved and it doesn't mean that anyone is loved any less. Quite the opposite really.
So, here's to my husband, our son, and the weekend!! Happy Easter to you all!


  1. I have to tell you that I am feeling a little disgruntled about you waxing on and on about all that sleep. You know thats just WRONG! I would settle for a mere 3 hours in a row... you sound a bit greedy and its entirely out of the spirit of the holiday you know.... lol!

  2. That really does sound bitter doesn't it! Now I feel remorse...

  3. lol....oh I am so greedy about sleep because during pregnancy I am more sleep deprived than when I have an infant. Isn't that nuts? I can't wait to have 2 hrs of uninterrupted sleep!
    How old is your little guy? Hang in there, as his sleep patterns will change until then nap whenever he does & to he!! with everything else. (Easier said than done)

  4. That's like Christmas, Easter and your birthday all rolled into one weekend!

    Enjoy. Don't get too busy that you forget to just relax!

  5. It gives new meaning to the words "Mother's Day".