Saturday, April 14, 2007

Medical Controversy

Our city & province is short staffed in every area including physicians. This is evident in the lack of continuity, how few Drs are taking new patients and the fact that it's often in the media. Despite this challenge, there was abolutely no way I would return to the Dr that was my family Dr and delivered W. It was a very difficult experience on many levels due to the negligence of the doctor. In fact, my doula who is also an RN, admitted our birth was the most traumatic birth she had ever attended. (That speaks volumes since she has attended a still-birth before.) Let's just say I was butchered with a smile. However, afterwards there were times when I felt I was somehow embellishing how badly I was treated...mistreated. This has also instilled a fear that I am working to elliminate or at least not let dominate me so that I have a peaceful and safe birth experience with this baby. Anyway, all of my hestitation, disappointment and disgust in my previous doctor were validated once again today. Recently he stopped providing obstetric care (which is ALL he did) and is on leave until at least July. Hmmm...very odd don't you think? Well, imagine reading in the Calgary Herald that said Dr. has been found guilty of having a sexual relationship with a patient for three years while continuing to treat her spouse and children. There's a fine of course, a 9 month suspension and he has been ordered to attend a treatment centre. An addiction perhaps?
Thank goodness I perservered in finding another doctor.
I find it extremely interesting and frustrating that MDs are protected. If it was a Registered Nurse in the situation he/she would have been written up in the AB RN magazine and then once the verdict was complete details and he/she's name would have been printed. The College of Physicians and Surgeons doesn't provide the same level of accountability. It is still such an old boys' club. How some things are so painfully slow to change in this day and age are beyond me. I guess, regular people such as I need to speak up more often and in a stronger voice. Canada is supposed to have such a wonderful medical system and I suppose it does compared to some countries. However, our system has a lot of positive growth to experience and strive towards. I hope it keeps moving in the right direction.
There. That's my soap box rant for the day.


  1. It is so frustrating. Ages ago I made a complaint to the College of Physicians and Surgeons (which is something you might want to consider), the matter was investigated and I eventually received a letter saying they would do nothing. It was however proceeded by a phone call from the chair of the committee telling me that she basically agreed with me but (insert excuse here) nothing could or would be done. If it hadn't been for my therapist who noticed the mis-diagnosis in my file, complained about it, stood up for me and TOLD ME about it; it could have been a disaster. I shudder to think what could have happened if it had ended up on a permanent electronic record like they are talking about implementing. It's a bit like the people put on the no-fly lists because they're suspected of being a terrorist. There is no way to get off the list; there is no appeal process; good luck trying to get on an airplane.

    I feel for you Mrs. M, keep fighting the good fight to get the service you need and are entitled to.

  2. Wow! What a shock. At least you know you have good instincts you can trust.

    This time around can only be better! All good things coming your way...

  3. Thanks for your support & good wishes/vibes.
    I am just so grateful that I'm no longer his patient & that this was my choice.
    I do think I'll draft a letter though.

  4. You should write a letter. How very frustrating. Good thing you are not his patient anymore.

    I hear ya about the Dr. Shortage. My Dr. will only see me and my second son because I had him while she was my Dr. But she won't see my oldest or my husband (not that he would go). I stay with her because she is competant and I need a Dr. and she has privilages. Otherwise I would look somewhere else