Friday, April 27, 2007

Say It With A Song

The High Country Chorale's spring performance season has begun. Tonight we had our first spring performance, but before those details are shared here's what our family is listening to.

W - he's loving this right now. When he hears it on the stereo or if I sing it to him, at the end of the song he signs "more more". Yes, I bought the CD just for him. He's quite thrilled with "Wasn't that a Party" as well.
M - Paralyzer has gotten my attention lately. So has Miss Auguilera. Lovin' it!
B - as of late he's slightly obsessed with this Alberta Band. Our 13yr old neice thinks they have a Canadian sound and are easily identifiable. She makes me laugh, Miss I Love Akon & Fergie, I don't.

Choir. Tonight we performed for a group of retired seniors at the Renoir. In the crowd there was a few lively characters such as Sleepy Stan who in his front row velour leisure suit seat slept through the majority of the numbers until the group sing a long began with the song "Margie", which he belted out loud and proud. Then there's lovely Lavender Lilly who is an apprentice conductor from her chair and was often noted snapping her fingers and singing along. Loved having Ms. Lavender Lilly in the audience! All was going great until we started singing "One Small Step". Why is it that senior's residences must be a minimum of 90 degrees? The heat wave finally took hold and in the middle of the song, the room turned black and I had to make an exit before I inadvertently trampled my fellow songbirds. Picture if you will a rather large pregnant lady with a white blouse now sticking to her rotund belly as she makes an exit to the left, with closed eyes, hoping to find the wing back chair (she knew was there prior to the concert beginning) while managing to knock over the drummer's music stand. Oh thy name is Grace! Certainly no one noticed! However, by the small group of choir members who kept glancing to their left and then came to my aid at the end of the performance, it was obvious that my disapperance was anything but "One Small Step"....more appropriately one crashing, stumbling leap.
At least I made it until the last 3 songs. There are five more performances over the next month. Now, will I find a way to be faint free? Has anyone been "fired" from a choir due to expectant maladies? I guess I'll find out on Tuesday.

On Friday June 1st at the Red Deer Lake United Church our final spring concert will be held and is open to all family, friends and the general public. The Spring Swing! Our guest choir will be the Calgary Police Chorus. Come check us out!


  1. Music has been on my mind lately too. You have quite an ecclectic combination going on at your house. Someone like Nickelback should do a cover of the Unicorn song!

    Your choir sounds like very much fun. You will probably have a baby by your final preformance though =)

    I almost fainted a couple weeks ago making pancakes!

  2. That would be hilarious! I'm quite surprised the Great Big Sea hasn't done it yet.
    I've got grandiose plans of not missing any choir & taking a sleeping infant with me or having a little bundle who will take a bottle & stay with "her" dad. Imagine! Taking a bottle! Oh, that will be so wonderful!

  3. Z did both breastfeed and take a bottle right from the beginning. It is possible!

    I love that you're singing!

  4. True to the bottle. Start pumping early on and you'll do just fine!