Monday, April 30, 2007

Independence Day

Our W has become such a little boy and less baby. Although, he'll always be my baby. It shocks me sometimes how much he has grown and changed.

Today I took a big leap, maybe lost the parent of the year award, and let W play in our backyard alone. Of course, I was in the kitchen with the door wide open, could hear his footsteps on the gravel, little voice chatting away, and check on him every few minutes, but still he was basically outside alone. Yikes! I'm completely torn about this. In one way, it felt like a good thing because I could get dinner prepared a little easier than compared to when he is playing in the pantry, pealing onions, throwing things in the garbage and trying desperately to open the spices without me knowing. However, on the other hand it is so wrong. He's 1yrs old. 20.5 months and I let him go outdoors alone. Have I lost my mind? It's not like I sent him to the park or to play in the street, but still. *sigh* Today it all worked out well. Tomorrow...I may not go this route again.

In the meantime, I'm feeling a little nostalgic & sad that our bubby is becoming a boy right before our eyes.


  1. I bet he loved it.

    Today at the toy library Z was doing all the actions to the song "One little, two little, three little fingers etc" I got very excited and bent down beside her and started to do the actions for the next verse and she promptly stopped doing the actions. So I stepped back again and she started again. There you have it.

  2. Thanks for that!
    He did love it.
    Isn't it amazing to watch them push away (& of course come back) a bit? The "I do it myself" stage.

  3. well, its not like you left him chained up outside a bar!

  4. Luckily you get to have a new one to enjoy being tiny with again. Although, W will seem all the more grown up all of a sudden. My mom says it's quite shocking really, as soon as the new baby comes home.

  5. .....or in the car at the casino!

    The whole when the baby comes home situation will be interesting in itself. Hopefully, full of lovely surprises & that all our boys adjust well