Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Dr's cont'd

W & I atttended our first pre-natal appointment with the new doctor.
She's lovely! At least that's what I can gather from the first impression a 15 min appointment gives you. Here's hoping that's a lasting impression!
On a side note.....I was a little stressed about taking W without the stroller (it's in buried in a mound of snow at the moment), but he did really well. Probably better than me. The doctor made him her "assistant" so he happily held the bottle of gel, of course he tasted the nozzle as well, and watched intently as she took my blood pressure, measured my belly and listened to the baby's heart beat. He looked quite impressed when he heard the heart beat. "Momma's tummy makes sounds! It does MORE than just sticking out there for me to smack or bonk my head on? Wow!" W's good behavior earned him an Elmo sticker and me peace of mind. What else could two people ask for?
PS: All is well with Baby Appleseed....there's a suspicion that "she" is breech at the moment, but there's lots of time for changing position so it's a non-issue.


  1. I know there is always the potential for me to have to take my kids with me to an appt.
    Maybe I would get in and out faster!

    Sounds like W was a great helper.