Monday, April 2, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Wedding Day April 2/05

The silly song is going through my head..."Happy Anniversary, happy anniversary, happy...." you know it.
Anyway, today is our 2nd wedding anniversary. Two eventful, fast paced years that I would not change given the chance. In some ways our wedding seems sooooo long ago, not a mere couple of years. We've changed jobs, moved in, had a baby, have another on the way, travelled, camped, etc, etc, all in two years. It doesn't look like much when noted on screen, but really it is. It has been two years of change and for those of us who are generally creatures of habit, it's been two big years. Again, a time that I would not change.
We celebrated our anniversary on Saturday night by having a sitter and going out for dinner & a movie. Nothing extravagant but so enjoyable. When the time comes that a person is unable to do these things on a whim, the appreciation for the little things grows immensely. While dining we asked one another looking back, what would you do different? Neither of us could come up with something earth changing. We're happy living and learning along the way in this relationship.
Today my favorite husband surprised me with a very thoughtful gift which he left for me to find early this morning. The card was incredibly sweet and had me in tears before 7am. Upon his return from work, his card/gift were waiting, but don't worry I wasn't able to open his water works supply, however I'm sure he was touched just the same.
So, here we are on to another year. A year of change since baby #2 will join us one week soon. A year of happiness, courage and positive growth together. Here's to happy every after!
Anniversary Date Night - March 31/07

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  1. I was so surprised that it's only been 2 years! It seems a lot longer to me (in a good way).
    Congratulations my friend. And many more to come!