Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"If Wishes Were Horses Beggars Would Ride"

My dad would always quote this saying to me when I was a kid and wishing for something. It was quite annoying at the time, but oh let the beggars ride!
What do you wish for? You know, besides world peace.
Today my wishes include.....
a housekeeper, cook and nanny.
a full nights uninterrupted sleep.
diapers that do not leak.
to be full of energy, zip & pizazz.
sunshine and dry ground.
a 3 hr nap.


  1. 1) A New place to live that is bigger and cleaner.
    2) A job my husband can feel excited to go to.
    3) Sleep
    4) To be able to eat what I want with no repercussions
    5) To be doing what I love and get paid (well) for it.
    6) To figure out what I love.

  2. My very own yarn shop. By the way I like your next project and I'm tres excited that you're getting into knitting. I've been teaching one of the staff members at the Parent Link drop-in centre. I love the spreading of the knit.

  3. May there be many horses to ride for both of you!
    Alyson, #6 really hits home for me. Where's my passion? My "A-Ha moment"? I don't know either...but am always on the look-out.
    Mrs. SP...a yarn store in Avenida Mall just sold..I could have put a bid in for you:)
    Just returned from Wed Knitting class and this was being passed around today. http://www.motherbearproject.org/Pattern.htm
    I may just try one if the collar/cuffs project turn out.

  4. 1)I'm with you on the nanny, cook, etc, but I add a masseuse.
    2)My body back. Only a fitter, leaner body than the one I started with!
    3)Regular days off from my 'job'.
    4)A great haircut.

    You crazy knitters are making me laugh. I support the knit in spirit!

  5. Mrs. Mittens....Knitting...who knew I would EVER enjoy this?! It frightens me that I'm half way to becoming a clone of my mother...a hipper, more worldly, more social version of course.

  6. Oh yeah, I'm wishing for a massage therapist too.
    Heck, I'll throw in a little liposuction, breast lift (don't need bigger, just back where they belong) and a personal trainer.