Friday, July 13, 2007

23 Months...Countdown to 2yrs.

What a little boy our W has become. The baby days are long gone and it's full scale toddlerhood. The past 23 months of learning has brought W these abilities:
- signing & chatting, he's now starting to "sing" (hum) with me when I sing his bedtime songs.
- dancing! Oh the dance moves! Leaping like a lemur and spinning in circles. He also has figure skating moves in which he stands on one leg and lifts the other outwards behind him and as high as he can with the knee bent. It's pretty cute.
- "Go!" His love of hockey (Go!) continues. Unfortunately he'll be spending alot of time in the penalty box for highsticking.
- Fake sure where this came from, but he squints his eyes and kinda whines if you say cry.
- Animal sounds, vehicle sounds, etc.
- Loves construction sites. It's great for driving around the city as he loves going through these zones and will ask for "more" once you've passed through. Some tastes are just engrained into genders, aren't they?
- The great outdoors and all things related are of great interest to W. He would stay outside 24hrs if possible. This includes getting very dirty. Super fun!
- And my all time favorite....if you ask W to "sleep like Dad", he'll lay down and pretend to snore. wonder who taught him this?!
W is a loving, active, on the go little boy who at the end of the day likes nothing more than a story, a song and a snuggle. Who can resist that?

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  1. It's pretty amazing. They certainly come up with some entertaining stuff.
    What a big boy!