Monday, July 16, 2007

Birthday Girl....Surprise!

It's my turn to celebrate a birthday and what a surprise celebration it was!

The morning started off very grouchy as my plans the night before had been foiled (public transit, no parking and stampede mayhem!). Add to this that my favorite husband had not wished me a happy birthday by noon and it was a Grouchy Birthday to say the least!

But now I am eating a HUGE helping of humble pie as I enjoyed a wonderful surprise birthday party yesterday, complete with not one but two cakes, lovely friends and family and presents too! Oh my husband is good...very good! I had NO idea....which was obvious due to my poor morning attitude. So it was a true surprise party and I am ever so grateful to my thoughtful, sneaky husband. Thanks my sweet!

....and now I shall add a heaping helping of crow to my dish of humble pie. (Does that make it a la mode?)


  1. Wow! That's awesome. You look great birthday girl!

  2. WOW!! Is that grade 3? You have hardly changed at all!! Hope that you have a terrific #&th year!