Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunny Side of the Street

The front of our house has south facing exposure which is lovely yet more sun than our yard can handle. We (meaning my favorite husband) have watered, and over-seeded and fertilized and watered and nurse this little yard only to have it rapidly scorch. So, it's time that we say farewell to our crunchy brown grass and move on to a front garden. Here's hoping that the friendly staff at Vale's Greenhouse can save us. The lady we met with this morning was super helpful (not to mention good with kids....she took W hand in hand to see the fish pond & didn't mind if he rode the little iron cows.) In all the research I've been doing in regards to creating a full sun, drought tolerant garden, the Vale's website has been most helpful. It's easy to navigate and their of service is a good reminder as to why the smaller business can be the better option. Especially compared to the level of customer service that now exists in Calgary. A downfall to these strong economic times we live in. Service has suffered, but in all this....Vale's prevails! We're looking forward to having ornamental grasses like BlueOatGrass, and some blooms from Sedums, Lilacs, and Yarrow grace our front garden. A whole lot of color and a lot less crunch!


  1. I love the new design of your site. That's great that you are going to sunscape your front yard; I look forward to seeing what it will end up looking like. So great to find a good greenhouse and peope to help. I have an ittybitty hat for you.. send me your address...

  2. You know, I never noticed the poor scorched grass! A garden out front will look beeeeautiful!

  3. did you miss it? It's so drought-ridden. Ugh.