Wednesday, July 4, 2007

R is 6 weeks!

As usual time is passing by quite quickly. Our baby is now 6 weeks of age and growing, growing, growing:
17.5 lbs
24.5 in tall

Smiles can be coerced if you make eye contact & talk in a high sing-song voice. The cooing is beginning and it's incredibly sweet.

As I write this he is sleeping in the sling and once in a while sucking his thumb, which I find sweet as well. Self soothing is a wonderful talent!

So much for our little 8lb 13oz babe...apparently being strictly breastfed is a the key to fast growth or is this due to the milk being actual whip cream? Definately a homogenized version.


  1. okay Z is 22lbs... I knew she was little but holy komolly! You're definetly giving him the good stuff!

  2. He does look like a very happy boy!