Monday, July 2, 2007

Canada Day

140 yrs old. Still a teenager really. I wasn't the most festive Canadian this weekend...there was no flag cake or matching red tshirts. Friday we attended Stage West, which was a fantastic production. So fun! Canadian music from the 50's until now. There was much laughing, chair dancing, a little singing along and wishing choir was like a StageWest production.
Saturday morning found us packing the trailer and heading "westward ho" for a weekend of camping. Our first family of four camp out. We've all returned in one piece. No one fell in the river, and the children were not carried off for a feast by the abundant & mutant mosquitos. Therefore we will definately attempt this again. On our way home, my favorite husband asked what I would do differently next time we go camping.....nothing, the baby was a breeze & the toddler did really well all things considered... I guess just ensure we have booked into a family oriented location.
Camping Quote of the Weekend: "B......W is playing with the woodhammer". (aka Axe....from our 4 yr old friend "Rock Star")


  1. I am so impressed. I can't believfe you went camping!!!! I bow at your feet.

  2. Oh don't bow....the secret is when you have an infant you get to sit & hold the baby while the husband chases the toddler. He did all the work.

  3. Sounds like a pretty great weekend!