Tuesday, July 24, 2007


On Saturday night as Favorite Husband, myself and a friend sat around the campfire at Cow Lake, the peacefulness and adult conversation was loudly interrupted by frantic crying. That's our boy wailing! FH left the fireside to rescue W and this is what he found: W still wearing his Grobag, met FH at the door of the trailer with an egg in one hand & a frying pan in the other. His bedclothes & "duck" (mini-blanket that he sleeps with) were covered in egg as was the floor due to the 9 eggs that had been smashed into a pile of slippery goo. FH responded with a firm "W what have you done?!" only to have the wailing increase. So, the two made their way to the fire where W was deposited in a chair beside me so that FH could return to the trailer and the egg disaster. I questioned W in a very sweet, friendly voice with the hopes that he would open up & tell me what happened if I didn't sound angry, "Did you get out of bed (aka playpen)?" "Were you in the fridge?" Staring at me with wide eyes, batting long thick eyelashes, silent...until he finally signed and said, "More eggs".

Hungry? Egg obsessed? Probably both.

During W's fireside vigil, his first experience with a campfire, he would point at the fire and state, "No! No! Hot! Burrrn." Burn....new word of the weekend.


  1. Sometimes you can't even get mad when they make such a mess because it's so funny!
    Another mom friend of mine said she was going to take pictures everytime her kids did something bad/made a big mess so she's have evidence for later. Good idea! ha

  2. lmao...LOVE the bad things pic idea...great!!

  3. YEs, remind me and I'll tell you what her lovely child did!

    Love the photo on top. You are way smarter than me. I have blog envy!

    Also, I thought a new name suggestion could be RW&Company...sure it's a store, but it could be a blog too...

  4. Oh, you are the one that inspires me to customize the blog. Always want to but rarely take the time to figure out how.
    Thanks for the new name suggestion. I am totally stumped!