Thursday, July 5, 2007

Emotional Eating

This is a subject that's an active part of my life right now. Obviously, it's a pattern with me or I wouldn't be the size that I am, that and the fact that exercise escapes me.
Okay, so I have recognized that I eat copious amounts of food when I am stressed, which right now is daily, so what do I do about it? How do I control this demon? While I am inhaling the box of macaroni or the complete medium ham & pineapple pizza, my mind is racing with thoughts of how bad this is for me, yet I don't stop. I barely even slow down. Preparing for meals appears to be the worst time for me, the demon is out in full force. I find myself eating throughout the whole prep time and then have the meal as well.
My FH & I have discussed on several occasions that we want raise healthy children who are not ruled by food and are of normal weight. Now, isn't leading by example the most important aspect in teaching children? This over eating challenge needs to be conquered if only for this reason alone.
But there are so many other reasons too....good health (live long and prosper), the "vain" reasons....looking good in shorts, not being afraid & embarassed to "take my legs out", waving to people without the skin from my arms shaking, running down the stairs without hearing applause only to realize there is no one behind me, having energy, shopping in regular stores (no more specialty stores), etc. etc.
Okay, so the reasons why are evident, now why not? That's a whole other issue. One I need to delve into further. For now, I leave with the quest for how to tackle the challenge of NOT stress eating on a day to day, meal to meal basis.


  1. Oh my friend, I so understand your frustration! If only we could learn to listen to the little voice before the "oh-no's" are consumed....maybe as we approach our middle years we will gain the wisdom needed to fight the battle!

  2. Now is a time to be kind to yourself. You're breastfeeding so you've got lots of hormones bouncing around; you've got a new baby so you're not getting a lot of sleep and your body is still readjusting to being pregnant. There will be lots of time later to figure this out; give yourself at least 6 months of no pressure. You've got a lot to cope with right now.

  3. Thanks my friends! Your input really helps.

  4. I totally understand why it's happening. Just not sure what to do about it. Maybe just wait until things settle down a bit? If that ever happens...