Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy Birthday KnobSister!

Bday camping @ Gull Lake 2006
One of my most favorite and longtime friends is celebrating her birthday today.
Happy Birthday Knobsister!
As girls, there was a specific summer, the summer of our 13th year, in which we celebrated our birthdays together by baking our own cake, inviting friends for a sleepover at the farm and renting as many horror movies as we were able. The Friday the 13th series, Nightmare on Elm Street and Chainsaw Massacre to name a few. My parents weren't home for the most part as my dad was in hospital and my mom was either at work or visiting my father, so we had a blast with no adults about and managed to freak ourselves out due to copious amounts of gore.
She is & will always be my Knobsister. As time passed we progressed from the days of wishing for the life of Anne & Diana as bosom friends, to the teen & early adult years as Knobsisters. This lovely nickname came to be after a summer night spent partying at Stephanson's Lake and consuming a magnum or two of Pastel Peach wine. You know, the classy kind with plastic screw in "corks", we wore these knobson the ends of our index finger, hence the name, "Knobsister". I even have a picture of us from this night...too bad it's not on the computer, I'ld love to share it.
Last year we managed to celebrate together at Gull Lake and this year brings us to the Reba McEntire concert.
Anyway, that's a little of our, Happy Birthday friend. May it be the start of a wonderful year!


  1. Happy Birthday Grrrlfriend!!
    I was thinking of you. HOpe you had the best day, with lots of guiltfree cake. =)

  2. Thank you my friend...longtime friends are meant to be treasured and appreciated....our is one of the best! Friends since grade 3...WOW!!! Are we getting old? Sorryt that our plans did not materialize this year, but next year we will create a bullet proof plan! Happy Birthday my kindred spirit!