Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Bare Naked Noggins Success!

Thursday at the BNN event was so fun!
And emotional.
Even though Bup is doing well, it's still emotional to talk openly & publicly about living with seizures.
Plus, this year was even more heartsy as Melanie was missing. Our "amazing grace" Melanie who was filled with love and laughter, sunshine and energy, missing from the BNN that she so diligently and lovingly organized. As fun as Thursday was, it just wasn't the same without her. As one participant said, "Melanie is applauding us from wherever she is."...and we applaud you Melanie Grace Burnell! Miss you!

Arriving with bright purple-people-eater hair was so hilarious! There were cries of "Look at you!" and hugs, and laughter and shock from flashes going off and more laughter. So fun! So worth the effort and shock of my FH to go purple!

Collectively the BNN participants raised over $40 000!! Wuhoo!!! All funds go to the local Epilepsy office and are used strictly for educational programs to teach awareness about Epilepsy. Awareness is necessary. People are still in the is Epilepsy. Just last weekend I had a lovely young adult ask me "What is Epilepsy? I've heard of it...but have no idea what it is."

I think I'm going to create a pin/button that says, "Ask me why I"m bald." The key is to keep people talking...raze that awareness level.

Lastly, but oh so importantly.....a huge thank you and hugs all around for those that supported me in spirit, presence and sponsorship. Your caring means the world to me. Really. It gave me a sense of pride to look into the crowd on Thursday and see smiling faces that know me personally. To come downtown, in the middle of a week day, some with children in tow, is a HUGE effort. I recognize this and am so grateful to you! Then there's the other sweeties that opened their wallets to sponsor me. Again....gratitude is shining from me onto you right now! Not to forget those that sent me words of encouragement. Those kind words are what kept me on the stage...not running in fear from the buzz of the razor.

Many thanks and many hugs to you all.

*pictures to follow...*


  1. Wow, good job razing all that money for awrarness! Is that your purple hair in the pile pictured above? made me laugh :) I think your amazing for doing all this!

  2. Thanks Stephanie!
    It's been really fun...and yup, that's my purple locks. Pretty funny. I saved a little lock for history's sake as I doubt it'll be that shade again.