Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mind-full Chatter

It's been one of those weeks. A regular week.
Monday....chiropractor. Thank goodness for mine. She works magic on me. My back has been completely out of wack to the point of walking like I'm 9 months pregnant, waking in the night to roll over (seriously...feeling pregnant here!), and a left leg & foot that go numb. However! Magical Dr. Chiro has helped tremendously. Plus she is fantastic with the boys and I think W is in love with her!
Tuesday...prairie hurricane day. The winds were amazing...enough so to stay home from gymnastics. That and the fact that the boys had a sad morning. First W cut his ankle while...ahem!...attempting to jump from a wheeled office chair to the bed. He was so very, very sad because "I got bleed!" and then Bup has a lamp fall off the bookshelf onto his head...another very sad boy, thankfully with no bleeding. At one point (with R standing next to me, leaning on me, dripping, sobbing and W on the couch while I kneel in front of him sobbing) I told the boys I will cry too. Instead, I tucked Bup onto bed & he was out like a light and W...well I set him up in my bed with a DVD...worked like a charm. more tears.
Wednesday....busy, hump day. Playgroup this morning at which Bup did not want to stay without me & W did not want Bup in his room..."Take him to the Baby Room!"
W was "Snack Guy" Special Helper at Preschool today and what did he request as snack? Little tomatoes, celery, carrots, apples and applesauce. Yup! No sugar bugs or wheat there. Awesome!
I was sad to learn that W's school buddy, Miss Spicy, will no longer be with us after Friday. A different work scenario beckons. Ugh! Totally understandable and frustrating!! Just when W has settled in with her, trusts her, loves her, hugs her, etc and now she's moving on. I'm so sad for W. There's too much change.
Bup...he's so funny. Bup is becoming more of a joker pants all the time..."tricker!" and he's chose his own brand of swearing..."hate crows!"..."oh sakes!"..."goodness sakes!"...."darn it!"'s all too cute and so hard for me not to laugh in the moment of Bup's frustration.
And now it's Wed evening...and I'm enjoying a quiet home, Glee on TV and visualizing what tomorrow will look like.
Tomorrow is Thursday....Bare Naked Noggins head shave day.
Today at pre-school two moms & I were chatting about my purple hair and the head shave. It turns out that both of them have someone in their immediate family who is living with seizures and one mom has experienced neurosurgery herself. Just another reason why the head shave is so important. There are so many people touched by seizures in one way or another and if this event gets people talking and sharing, then it's well worth it.
I could go on & on...but it's late enough, enough said, my swollen tonsils are yelling at me to sleep and Glee is almost over. So, happy hump-day to you and good night!

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  1. Just another few days in the life of a SUPER MOM!!! Looking forward to once again seeing the beauty of you with a shaved top! Yes you were a beautiful bald person - not many can say that. HUGS all around!