Monday, November 23, 2009

How to Survive the Cold & Flu Season

This is not a post on avoiding the C&F because, really, let's face it, unless you live in a bubble...home school, work from home, have groceries delivered and the like then it is impossible to avoid it altogether.

How do we catch this year's cold or flu? Well, there are probably a top 5 such as avoiding hand washing, eat a diet of mainly junk food, go out in public and hang out with us. This gal says it the best.

So....back to survival.

No, vaccinations aren't on the top of my list. This has become such a controversial and emotional topic. All I will say is this, you must make a decision that you can live with...whether you choose to vaccinate or not. The end.
We have been sick with one type of flu or another since mid October. We can't catch a break! It all started after an emotionally stressful week...lack of sleep...and whamo! There we are sick with the stomach flu. Except I presented with a bronchial typical of me, which by the way I blame on growing up with a chain smoking father. Since mid Oct it's been cyclical...cough, fever, flu. NO H1N1. There's been runny noses & sneezing which is not indicative of the "hiny".

Thank goodness for the Internet, DVD'S, cozy lounge pants, bleach, Lysol, diet coke, juices, rum, homeopathic remedies, OTC pain relief, tissues, sleep, snuggles on the couch, laughs, a hot bath, and even a mid night rendezvous at Emerg which gave me an awareness & gratitude that we aren't as ill as others. Without these and more, I would be stir crazy...batty...half a bubble off a level...and just plain mean! Crazy is more like it...especially tonight. After getting one boy bathed, number two is in the tub when his toots are more than he bargained for and there he is with brown, lumpy water!! Ugh! And now, now all is clean and I am out of bleach! Just another day in the life of a mom of small children I guess. But I really didn't bargain for pooper-scooping after my son.

As I write this, W is cozied up beside me on the couch, coughing and dripping away while watching Ratatouille, Bup is tucked in his bed with just the odd cough to be heard, and FH is still at work. W's got the worst of it at the moment. Yesterday he barely left the couch, which is worth a 911 call in itself! Poor fella. It's truly sad to see him in this state. (Even if I secretly have moments of enjoying the lack of energy! Oops! Did I write that? Say that out loud!?)

Here's to a short C&F season, a night filled with sleep, and an ice cold diet coke in the morning to get me through the day!


  1. Oh my have had more then your share. Did you get the stuff for the theives remedy? I have it in strategic locations on cotton rounds in my room and the boys. Not sure it is what is warding things off, but we have been good since. Also, strongly believe in the coloidal silver...have a "shot" in my water jug every morning. When all else fails, no one would question a second or even third parrot bay and ginger.....

  2. Oh no, not again! I hope you guys start feeling better soon. After we got the nasty flu last month, less than a week later I started feeling like I was going to wake up sick the next day (itchy throat, runny nose, aches). I picked up some echinacea, had one that night, one the next morning and that was the end of that! Used it one more time and it worked again. (Says on the label not for kids though, so that sucks for them.)

    Take care and hope you all get better soon!

  3. I'm writing --- because I am barely talking! My FH thinks he has died and gone to heaven, because he has no competition for whose turn it is to get a word in edge wise! Diet coke, Fresca and lots of tylenol and I will recover to talk another day!