Thursday, November 26, 2009


Currently I'm working on an Amy Swenson design, Urbanity. A versatile little vest. However, mine is fuchsia...Mai Tai to be exact. Now, what was I thinking?!?
Why would I not pick a nice earthy tone or black...something neutral?
I go straight for over the top with Mai Tai. Typical me. Sometimes I scare me. Am I a little more like my mother than I realize? If you see me pairing the Mai Tai Urbanity Vest with matching, elastic waist, fortrel pants...well, lock me up and take away the knitting sticks!

This vest is taking me far too long. Partly because I'm not knitting everyday and partly because when I do attempt to get a row or two completed while the boys are awake, this is what happens....knitting with the dinosaurs. By the way, the brachiosaurous always wins over the T-Rex, even if T-Rex is a "meateater" match for the tail of a "long-neck"!

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  1. That color is gorgeous on you! And the dinos are a great accessory...