Thursday, November 5, 2009

T'is The Season

Cold and flu that is.
I'm so not ready for the Christmas season.
We've all been sick over the past week or so. Feels like months already.
First, it started with Bup having the stomach and on for three days.
Then, W & B started vomitting. It was a sleepless night laying in bed between these two while B is vomitting in the bathroom and W likewise into a fuschia tupperware container beside me. Then to top all that goodness off I was hit by a harsh chest cold, which is always hard for me, always lung oriented. Add to this work, parenting, and sleep deprivation results in an exhausted family. Finally the spilling has long ended. I am on the mend but all the men (big & little) in our household now have a cold which brought us a night in emerg at Children's because Bup keeps spiking a fever at night...230am to be exact....which isn't really emerg material except due to his seizure history. Fevers are a little troublesome as it makes him at risk for those seizures to come back especially when he's not eating or drinking and therefore not getting his meds.
Ah, it's been a wonderful couple of weeks.
Now, after all that whining and complaining, I should add that we are on the mend! Bup hasn't had a fever for two nights now. I feel human tonight. B is taking Buckley's with the fear that I am trying to kill him by making him drink a balsam tree in a bottle. W is a little drippy and has a little cough as does Bup. Wuhoo....we are on the mend!
Maybe it has something to do with the scent of Lysol as I spray down the house every morning? Or bleach as toys are bleached? Or maybe the doses of Kick It, Vitamin C, and Multi vitamins that I am forcing on all of us. (Can I just ask one thing though...why is it necessary to put sugar and dye in children's vitamins?!? Argh! My local favorite health store was all out of children's vitamins today....a two month supply sold in a week!)
Or maybe it's the scent of Vicks Vapo Rub wafting from W as he rubbed himself down from head to toe while I was tucking in Bup this morning. W's face is still shiny & his hair greasy! That's why his eyes were watering...not due to the cold!
So, what are you doing to ward off the Cold & Flu beasties this season? You know, besides living in a bubble.


  1. Oh Moe....I can't help but feel we have contaminated you! I'm so sorry!
    Anything I can do....besides keep our germs to ourselves?

  2. Ah yes, the bubble. It's so tempting to stay in it after getting this sick, for fear of getting it again! I'm glad to hear you guys are starting to feel better.

    We just had it a few weeks ago, and I always do multi-vits (from the health food store too, to avoid sugar and dyes, Ashton reacts to those too!) and Omega supplements, but I've been giving the kids OJ diluted with water for vitamin C and fluids and offering them more fruits at snack times. I also try to sneak in more green veggies at meal times. SO far it's working... knock on wood!!

  3. My homeopathic boss gave everyt student at the school calendula to steep and gargle, a shot of wheatgrass (would rival B's Buckley's for worst taste!), hoemopathic flubusters (you actually buy at London Drugs), Vit. C, wild salmon oil, and the most interesting an essential oil blend that the thieves during the plague used to go into the sick and dying's houses and rob them; cinnamon,cloves, lemon, rosemary, and eucalyptus...smells pretty good too...have it on a cotton round beside my bed, in the van, rubbed lightly on the temples at bed (diluted in oil of course) and plan to simmer on the stove if I am ever home long enough....hope some of these remedies peak your interest! Speedy recovery from our house to yours!

  4. We've had more of a stomach bug over here. Blech. I feel like we've used up our entire winter's allotment of the sickies already.

    Mmmmm...I think the plague remedy would smell awesome! I'm feeling the need to cleanse the smells that are lingering.
    Hope you are all feeling better and better!