Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas with Bup

Bup and I enjoyed some much loved alone time yesterday in which we played with Christmas themed gels on the window. He was too cute. Just loving it! His little feet were going double time as I peeled the gels off the package for him to place on the window. Ah...the spirit of a child!
Much, much later he shows up in his brother's bedroom with a gel snowman to play with ( uh....decapitate!) while laying in his brother's bed.
It was everything we could do to get him out of "Norner"s bed and up to his own. On the way, I made a stop in the kitchen for a bottle of milk and what did I find?
A clear window. All the Snowmen had disappeared. Bup!
And reappeared stuck to the side of the roll top desk. The little re-decorator.
The whole Christmas season is going to be so fun with the boys this year. I can't wait for tomorrow morning when we really start decorating! This is what it's all about.
What seasonal crafts will you be doing with your kiddos? Santa's beard from cotton balls on paper plates? A seasonal village atop of a coffee table? Baking?
Do share!

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