Friday, November 13, 2009

Favorite Husband's Stance

Look what's at our house?!?
The boys are thrilled.
My favorite husband is not...but alas, he consented!
This little fur ball is just here on vacation as his family is away, which is why B gave in. He's not a cat lover. Anyone, remember when we were dating and I had a lovely, big chubby, toothless cat named Caesar? Well, I'm married now and Caesar doesn't live here. Nuff said.
Anyway, the boys are loving having Kuna about. The three of them, cat included, amaze me in regards to how good they are with each other. W knows when Kuna meows "he wants his space" and Bup is just as gentle as W is. I'm not sure which is cuter, when Bup pets him and then announces, "Ah wuv kitties!"
Or he is so sweet & gentle with Kuna and desperately wants the cat to sit on his knee & snuggle...he pets him, and kisses him, and talks to him, and won't feed him because "the food stinks!"
And what of FHB? He's sweetly tolerant. Sweet for letting us bring kitty home and realizing how much the boys are enjoying this. Thanks for that, B! We all appreciate it....Kuna too.


  1. I'm with Brad, cats are I are not fond of each other, I know it and they know it. Nuff said! Be tough Brad, don't give in to the "cute" thing! Next they will want one for keeps....

    ...and this was before I even found out I was allergic to them!


  2. sweet! Although I do remember a certain pretty/evil black cat as well.
    Enjoy your furry feline friend.
    (my dad didn't like cats either, but somehow I still had them growing up - hmmmmmm)